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Claire Rousay Performance Residency: Claire Rousay / M.W. Vessel / Nava Levenson "Jar Opening"


Tuesday June 4 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Night 2 of Claire's week-long performance residency

Claire Rousay solo set on drum kit
M.W. Vessel free improvising quatet
Nava Levenson "jar opening"

Claire Rousay is a Canadian-American improvisor, drummer, and curator based in San Antonio, Texas. Drawn to improvisation by a desire to free their percussion practice from the constraints of conventional timekeeping, Rousay explores the emotional overlap of rhythm, speed, and texture as both a soloist and participant in creative partnerships that span North America. Drawing liberatory power and ethical commitment from queer theory, Rousay's improvisational style employs a critique of the relationship between masculinity and percussion.

M.W. Vessel is a first time improvisation between Chris Sies, Sam Cooper, Chris Mathews, and Corey Thuro.

Nava Levenson will host A Jar Opening which is an event or art happening in which a jar of studio dirt is opened collectively with the intention of analyzing and documenting the contents. Her ongoing project, Studio Dirt, investigates discarded matter from different artist's practices. She has been collecting jars of studio dirt and scrap from emerging artists for almost a year now. She has been hosting 'Jar Openings' where she opens the jar with community members and host a dialogue on its contents. Through this series of archeological digs, she is collecting data and documentation for a future publication highlighting the processes of emerging artists.

Nava Levenson is a multidisciplinary Richmond-Based artist who is in the DC area for a residency at the Torpedo Factory until the end of June. For more on the project: