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Claire Rousay / Tristan Welch / Cash Sellout


Monday June 3 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Claire Rousay solo set on cymbals

Tristan Welch ambient soundscape

Cash Sellout communist queer punk

Claire Rousay is a Canadian-American improvisor, drummer, and curator based in San Antonio, Texas. Drawn to improvisation by a desire to free their percussion practice from the constraints of conventional timekeeping, Rousay explores the emotional overlap of rhythm, speed, and texture as both a soloist and participant in creative partnerships that span North America. Drawing liberatory power and ethical commitment from queer theory, Rousay's improvisational style employs a critique of the relationship between masculinity and percussion.

Tristan Welch is an experimental musician / artist from northern Virginia that creates sonic soundscapes with his guitar which incorporates loops that are drenched in reverb, delay, and distortion. He likes to call his compositions; heavy ambient movements.

Cash Sellout QTPOC experimental electropunk supergroup filled with manic god delusions, imaginary stalkers, marxist higher consciousness, and girls yelling