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Claire Rousay Performance Residency: Claire Rousay+Sarah Hughes+Zack Branch / Leo Suarez+Madam Data / Weeks/Dierker/andRedgrave


Wednesday June 5 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Night 3 of Claire's weeklong performance residency

Claire Rousay/Sarah Hughes/Zack Branch Trio
Leo Suarez+Madam Data Duo

Claire Rousay is a Canadian-American improvisor, drummer, and curator based in San Antonio, Texas. Drawn to improvisation by a desire to free their percussion practice from the constraints of conventional timekeeping, Rousay explores the emotional overlap of rhythm, speed, and texture as both a soloist and participant in creative partnerships that span North America. Drawing liberatory power and ethical commitment from queer theory, Rousay's improvisational style employs a critique of the relationship between masculinity and percussion.

Sarah Hughes is an alto saxophonist, composer, and music educator from Pasadena, Maryland. She is a free improviser who enjoys creating within and on top of many genre frameworks including jazz, swing, blues, folk pop, and rock. Sarah has toured Sweden as part of their first annual Women in Jazz Festival, and has shared the bill, opening for great free improvisers such as Joe Morris, Nicole Mitchell, Fay Victor, William Parker, Hamid Drake, and Ken Vandermark. She performs regularly in solo, small ensemble, and large ensemble formats at such local venues as Rhizome, An Die Musik, and Mobtown Ballroom. She serves as adjunct faculty at Towson University and McDaniel College.

A recent transplant from Tampa, FL to Philadelphia, drummer/improvisor Leo Suarez has been performing, recording and touring within various rock contexts, as well as in many different experimental and improvised settings. Suarez is well-known in FL for his work with MeatWound, Career, Glass Tongue Trio, and composer Elizabeth Baker, and with his move to Philadelphia, has been working on new collaborations with Jack Wright, Madam Data, and Taiwan Housing Project as well as a duo with Polish saxophone player Paulina Owczarek. Suarez has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively with 4AD indie-rock group wMerchandise, and continues to stay active on the road with Nude Tayne, Taiwan Housing Project and his new trio TONED (with Nathan Corder, and Tom Weeks). On top of being an active musician, Suarez also books and organizes small-scale improvised music concerts in Philadelphia.

Ada Adhiyatma is a musician who explores machine interfaces and the embodied idea of distance. Working with handmade computer programs, field recordings and old samplers, they fantasize about sound as a way to echolocate spaces defined by separations, the trauma of dislocation, the impossibility of empathy. Ada's performance personas in Philadelphia include the apocalyptic insect noise purveyor Madam Data, and various component identities of sci fi noise-thrash quintet OOLOI and the environmental improvisation duo 'place'. They also produce a podcast of discarded sound called The Floating World.

Ada's pronouns are they / them / theirs and they sit at the crossroads of certain disabilities and certain queernesses, often unsure what they're doing there.

Weeks/Dierker/andRedgrave - Khristian Weeks, Peter Redgrave, and John Dierker, all of Baltimore, supposedly collaborating in a “musical” way. We’ll see it when we believe it.