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Workshop: Make a Noise Synth

Monday August 14th, 7pm

In this workshop you will make your very own Noisy Bstrd. The Noisy Bstrd screams and spits a rainbow of harsh noise. It features three frequency mixed oscillators and a fauxcoder for an extra noise layer. The Noisy Bstrd runs on 9v power, center negative (common guitar pedal power).  Power supply not included.

2 x knob controlled oscillators
1 xcontrolled fauxcoder
1 x light controlled oscillator
Switch between 2 or 3 oscillators
1 x Volume control
1/4" jack socket
Plastic housing

This workshop costs $80 and includes a printed circuit board and all components, plus hands-on instruction on how to build it by the Noisy Bstrd's designer. Custom requests and/or mods can often be accommodated (time permitting).