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Concert: Bordreuil & Rowden Duo/Paradise Garden/Mankind/Luke Stewart

Sunday August 13, 8pm. $10 suggested donation

Bordreuil & Rowden Duo (NY/CT) - Scathing music favoring long, corrosive atonalities and fleeting noise walls. For fans of Morton Feldman and Richard Ramirez alike. Leila Bordreuil and Zach Rowden met at a free jazz concert in 2015. Zach was wearing a Man is the Bastard bootleg T-shirt which acted as an icebreaker, and these two classically trained musicians started collaborating shortly after. “Hollow” is a culmination Bordreuil and Rowden diverse influences, ranging from improvised music, harsh noise, cold wave, existentialism and a common obsession for Spectral Music.

Mankind (NY) - "Missing Person" is part of an audiovisual collaboration between Mankind and photographer Julien Garnier, which can be viewed in full at

Paradise Garden (NY) - "kinda new age vibes" Paradise garden serve up a bubbly combo of new age-techno-funk straight outa planet naboo...

Luke Stewart (DC) - Explorations for solo bass & amplifier