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DIY Electronics with Vaux Flores #2 - Building an effects pedal

In this workshop we'll be building a small, yet versatile effect pedal, constructed entirely of common components and designed to accommodate anything from your standard guitar to
amplified whale bones to the occasional transmission of Peruvian shortwave radio art. I'd say possibly even acid house, but that just might be pushing it.

Designed for a wide audience, this class is equally suited for experienced makers, as well as those new to instrument building and sound creation. No previous electronics
experience is needed and all materials will be provided. The pedal itself will be a CMOS-based distortion box capable of just about anything from a small amount of dirt to full-on alien space battle/gear-grinding/octave-tripping doom-tones. I realize that's a
tall order, but I'm personally surprised at the number of sounds that can be coaxed from this compact metal box. For frame of reference and inspiration think of something that borrows equally from the schematics of Craig Anderton and Nicholas Collins, but with just a
dash of Way Huge and Dwarfcraft thrown in for good measure. Not to mention that it has a CV input on the side of it that allows it to talk to other VauxFlores CV boxes, or really anything that produces approximately 2-8 volts, give or take.

Over the course of the day, we’ll encounter a wide variety of components, as well as schematics and electronics theory, which will be broken down in a fun, hands-on approach that will not only produce a cool, hand-made pedal, but also provide the electronic fundamentals that will allow you to experiment and create your own designs to expand your collection of home built monstrosities after the course ends. All materials are included in the workshop cost. In addition to learning DIY electronics skills, you will leave with your own hand-built pedal. Gold stars and bonus points if you bring an instrument and a small amplifier to showcase your build at the end of the workshop, potentially in brilliant improvised harmony with your fellow attendees.

WHEN: Saturday August 20, 12-5pm
WHERE: Rhizome DC, 6950 Maple St NW DC
COST: $100 (includes all materials)