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Concert - Sarah Snider, Trees Take Ease, Poppy Patica + Airhead DC, No Axiom, Swan Meat

A night of new music from NY + DC:

Trees Take Ease (Stephen Becker - NY) - Stephen Becker is a composer, improviser, songwriter, & multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, CA. Specializing in guitar, drums, and voice, he performs and records in a variety of experimental jazz and pop ensembles, in addition to his own self-produced solo project, Trees Take Ease.

Sarah Snider (Oberlin/DC) - max/msp, telephone pickup + sampler

No Axiom (Cory Todd - NY) - (mostly) slow songs

Swan Meat (Reba Beauchamp)

Poppy Patica

Airhead DC

WHEN: Friday August 19, 8pm
Cost: $10 suggested donation