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Concert: Seth Chrisman, Nathan McLaughlin, Insect Factory, Literals


Maple House Collective presents....

Seth Chrisman, Nathan McLaughlin, Insect Factory, Literals

Seth Chrisman is a musician based in the Hudson Valley, New York. Extended techniques, location recordings, and radio receptions are woven together to create undulating sonic environments.

Hudson, NY resident Nathan McLaughlin explores sound with a focus on the stringed instruments and reel to reel. He views the reel to reel not just a source of effect and texture, but as its own instrument. Focusing on the sounds of acoustic instruments as a companion to the reel to reel, studies are carried out on the philosophical idea of going to the center.

Insect Factory focuses on texture and mood, building layers of dense sounds that slowly evolve into hypnotic and atmospheric drones.

Literals: A sonic experiment in drone, doom, and minimalism by Rebecca Mills and Matt Cohen.

WHEN: August 20th, 8pm
WHERE: RhizomeDC, 6950 Maple St NW DC
COST: $10 suggested donation