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Concert: Hollow Deck / Majid Araim / RheBird


Tuesday July 9 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Hollow Deck "Western Mass’s most exciting live band.... a masterpiece of strange familiarities.... Using a large array of instruments — banjo, gourd banjo, fiddle, guitar, tenor sax clarinet, flute, drum machine, etc. — the duo of Mia Friedman and Andy Allen easily transcends any real or imaginary boundaries of what’s possible to do with just four hands. The results are as amazing as they are hard to categorize. There is an air of mid-20th Century avant garde romanticism hanging like a veil over this project.... something to do with the concept of creating a bridge between vernacular culture and experimental performance (even if that performance is unconsciously wrought)...." - Byron Coley

Majid Araim, born 1985, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, curator, and a fixture of the Atlanta improvisation and new music communities. Majid's prolific work as a composer focuses on resonance and dynamics, experimental approaches, and is oriented towards the natural world and fantasy realms. Majid has given hundreds of performances across the United States and Europe as soloist and in the duo Whispers of Night, as well as experimental music groups such as the Convergence, Chamber Cartel, Bent Frequency, Small Peoples Music Ensemble, BASrelief, and Atlanta Improvisor’s Orchestra, which in 2018 composed the music for TV network, Adult Swim’s Tender Touches season 2 (Operetta Versions). Majid holds degrees in Music Composition and Jazz Studies from Georgia Southern University, and since 2014 has presented over 60 concerts through his Magic Lantern series. In addition to his creative work as a musician, he is a dedicated father, gardener, and duck-egg farmer.

RHeBird (pronounced raybird) (Nova) free improvised and experimental versions of old time fiddle tunes.