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Concert: Sfyria Trio / Clinkman+Sudderberg+Heasly+McShane / Nik Francis+Steve Arnold Duo

Monday July 8 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Sfyria Trio is a free improvising band comprised of Sam Decker on saxophone, Charlie Kirchen on bass, and Matt Carroll on drums. Since its inception in December 2016, the group has refined its approach to improvisation, developing an idiom that incorporates elements from a wide range of musical perspectives. The evolution of the group’s sound is documented on two recordings: 2017's self-release, Opening, and The Rockefeller Concert, due out in spring 2019 on Astral Spirits.

Clinkman (Gtr) & Sudderberg (Drums) of Ken Vandermark's "Marker:
McShane (Gtr) & Heasly (Bass) of Creative Healing:
This is what it sounds like when the band Spirits Having Fun ( plays free music.

Nik Francis (drums) / Steve Arnold (bass) Creative improvised music from this duo of free-thinking DC cats