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Zzzome Garden: closing for Tatev's Say Less installation


Wednesday July 31 * 7pm * $donation * RSVP

Zzzome Garden

Join an open COMMUNITY of humans at the Zzzome to create, talk, and be in the magical adobe together!

Tatev will close her exhibition Say Less and celebrate the inspiring people she wants to some day plant in her GARDEN!

Mel will sing traditional Armenian songs of Sayat Nova and Komitas with screening of clips from Color of POMEGRANATE!

Joy will talk about issues of WOMEN's health and stories she encountered around the globe!

Sam will use a vintage sine wave generator in combination with modern oscillators to create a raga like DRONE meditation piece!

Nenet will perform her songs in the shape of FREE form storytelling!

Andrew will be fishing for improvised melodic FEELINGS via a minimal collection of synths and effects!

Angela will tell you out-worldly stories through graceful MOVEMENT!

Ben will intro horizon images from distant planets, untouched in/by TIME and Tatev will show a short animation she made about this!

Spencer will bring some FRUIT, Mel will bring some lavash, Tatev will bring home made apricot vodka, you will bring your beautiful multi-layered presences <3

There will be SPACE for EXPRESSION in many shapes and forms! Come one, come ALL to supercharge with rhizomatic thoughts!