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A/V Performances+Screenings: Alexander Dupuis / Tune in Light / Paloma Kop / Patrick Cain / Brian Murphy

Monday July 29 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Alexander Dupuis is a Providence-based artist working with generative light and sound systems. He performs as a guitarist in the Happy Valley Band and the Verdant Vibes new music collective. "In Robert Ashley’s The Wolfman the lounge lizard becomes wolf, linking the uncontrollable erotic violence of werewolves with audio feedback. Me and Mr. Wolfman maintains the persona of a wolfman crooner, but looks rather towards connections between psychedelic audiovisual feedback and the out-of-body journeys of Scandinavian shapeshifters. Processed camera and microphone feedback loops are used to merge horror tropes, astral projection [mapping] and altered spacetimes into a kind of lounge lycanthropy."

Tune in Light - Jimmy and Jeremy present an exploration into audio and visuals as a form of intuitive communication. Jimmy Keith uses video mixers, screens, cameras, and computer processing to create generative video art. Jeremy Ray uses guitar, digital sampler, and other various objects along with looping techniques to express the bodily felt-sense.

The evening will also feature a screening featuring works by Paloma Kop, Patrick Cain and Brian Murphy.

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