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Concert: The Unknown Sound Collective / Dykes&Young / Human Person / Pen Palindrome

Monday June 10 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

The unknown sound collective is an experimental multimedia collective organized by mourning dove (elena botts). Featuring members Evan, mourning dove, Theo Krantz, and Human Person.

Dykes and Young, the duo of bassist Laura Dykes (Austin, TX) and violinist Jeffrey Young (Boston, MA), makes meditative, ecstatic, acoustic music grounded in deep listening. Beginning with improvisation in spaces with special atmospheres and acoustics, they create musical structures that over time become fixed compositions.

Pen Palindrome is the solo project of Virginia-native, Ava Mirzadegan. Her songs function as a sort of roadmap for finding joy while experiencing grief and anxiety. She creates folk-tinged indie rock that is earnest and a little melancholic. But if you asked her, she’d call it “ambient rock that you can take home to meet your family.”