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Workshop: DIY Electronics: The Pipsqueak by Mroztronium


Sunday April 21 * 12-3PM * $70 * REGISTER

(Scholarships available thanks to the Keith Sinzinger Memorial Fund. Please email if you can't afford full price. Also, ANY EXTRA DONATIONS MADE VIA THE TICKETING PAGE WILL GO INTO THE FUND FOR FUTURE WORKSHOP SCHOLARSHIPS.)

The Pipsqueak is a portable touch-controlled noisy synthesizer by Mroztronium. Spiritually inspired by the Cracklebox, Bugbrand Weevil and other touch-controlled electronic instruments, but using a unique circuit developed by Mroztronium that is designed for unpredictable results, wide frequency range (from sub-audio to above human hearing), sensitive touch control and stereo operation.

It features a pair of outputs that emit rectangle waves, complex pulse trains, triggers or complex noisy waveforms in the region of 0-9V depending on how it is touched. In addition to listening to the raw stereo output, you can also use it as a complex controller to gate/trigger and frequency modulate external CV/Gate equipment. It is an interesting way to spice up a modular synth patch or to turn an otherwise predictable synthesizer into a freakish improvisational instrument.

The workshop will be suitable for beginners and requires no knowledge of electronics. We'll cover soldering too.

Pipsqueak demonstration video: