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Concert: Martin Freeman's Quad Trzypsy Band / Forest Management / Network Glass / Zof-e-idk / Esper Werm

Quad Trzypsy Angle.jpg

Saturday April 20 * 7pm * $10 * TICKETS

Martin Freeman's Quad Trzypsy Band (featuring Thomas Stanley, Ashley Shey, Tom Boram, and Will Schorre) - My first crack at a multiplayer instrument for small groups to improvise with. The quickest comparison I can make to something familiar is to the game Operation. In that game the goal is to avoid completing an oscillator circuit with a fixed pitch while extracting anomalies from a plastic corpse. In this game you do the opposite and intentionally short circuit a corpse full of oscillators and other circuits to produce sounds with unpredictable pitch patterns and waveforms by adorning it with conductive objects like bare wires, alligator clips, Chore Boys and by prodding it with your finger tips. The core of this is four modified Trzypsy. The Trzypsy first dealt with the concept of an instrument that forces you to improvise to work with it and asserts itself further by rewiring itself behind the panel as you play as well as by being sensitive to outside influence. A big truck passing by or lightly tapping on the side of the enclosure can drastically or subtly change the behavior of the Trzypsy. This newer instrument expands on these concepts by increasing the number patch patch points (over 200) and adding a four channel speaker distribution system, a complex capacitive patch matrix for extra spice and perhaps the most potent wildcard: other people.

Forest Management is John Daniel (b.1989 in Hemet, CA), an American musician currently living in Chicago, Illinois. The project was slowly conceived in 2011 in Daniel’s hometown of Westlake, Ohio. His 2015 debut full-length record Encounter was described as “a dusty, cinematic haze of wilted symphonics” (Decoder Magazine) and “deliberate and luxurious” (Hearfeel). In 2018, the nine-track odyssey 21st Century Man emerged after collecting dust on a dying and noisy laptop, an album prompted by a move to the Uptown neighborhood in Chicago. Marc Masters considered the record “Forest Management’s deepest work so far, a monument of rising and decaying sound that resists categories and evokes infinities.” Daniel has also collaborated with ambient artists Celer and David Tagg, and curates the labels Afterhours Ltd., Sequel and Reserve Matinee. “John’s material tends toward long-form drones that accrue stardust as they stretch out to fill space.”- Byron Coley

Network Glass is a Pure Data wizard hailing from Baltimore MD.

Zof-e-idk Harsh noise from your local Caffeine Dealer. Washington, DC.

Esper Werm - A purveyor of aleatoric music, this Chicago producer wastes no time murking up the stereo field, driving the most curious of listeners to embrace found rhythms and unknowable frequencies.

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