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Concert: Baldi-Gerycz Duo / Nate Scheible / Raven Bauer Durham

Friday October 25 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Jayson Gerycz (drums) and Dylan Baldi (saxophone) are most well-known as one half of the indie rock band Cloud Nothings, but have played together in many other configurations since meeting in 2009. Gerycz has developed the ability to drum in a myriad of different formats, creating a highly spontaneous and individual method of playing that draws on his experiences in rock, punk, and improvised music.

Together the duo have an almost telepathic sense of tension and drama, deftly reacting to each others' every move. The music reaches massive, mountainous peaks and falls to extreme minimalist murmurings while maintaining a songwriter's perception of continuity and forward progression. Baldi and Gerycz create and follow waves of musical energy to their natural resolutions, where they casually pick up a new thread and restart their unique process of discovery and construction.

The Baldi/Gerycz Duo plans to release their full length debut LP following a tour and recording session in late October 2019.

From Bandcamp Daily (Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: June 2019):

"Nate Scheible’s last solo work was a moving collage made with instruments, field recordings, and a cassette of audio love letters that he found in a thrift store. His newest release, Indices, is just as moving, but this time Scheible created impressionistic sound narratives without the use of any voices or words. In fact, the pieces here don’t even have explanatory titles—they are simply named by the side and order in which they appear. That makes Indices is like a soundtrack for which you can fill in the pictures. Emotive tones, subtle arcs, and concrete environmental sounds dot each piece, but the overall result is beautifully non-specific. It’s not background music, but rather a canvas upon which images form and fade in overlapping cycles."

Raven Bauer Durham, based in Syria, Virginia, is an experimental guitar-based performer, incorporating ambient textures, voice, song-structures and abstract layers.

Her most recent release, as a duo with James Wolf, came out in April 2019 - The River and The Rain In It, which blogger Bored in Pittsburgh called, “a fascinating album, easy to listen to, but difficult to classify.” Raven is also a previous member of Virginia based improv/drone/noise group, Phoenix Auto Group.