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Concert: Xenojothsz / Life Appreciation Renewal / Guillermo Pizarro / Lazuli / Zofe-iDk

Thursday October 24 * 7pm * $10 * TICKETS

Xenojothsz - Noise from RVA’s Noiro Zepol.

Life Appreciation Renewal - Crushing power electronics/noise from RVA.

Guillermo Pizarro- Guillermo Pizarro is a sound artist from Eastern PA by way of West Virginia. He started experimenting in 2010 with prepared guitar/drone compositions, and has since then moved to experimenting with field recordings, electronics and amplified objects to create his textured soundscapes. He also currently operates Flag Day Recordings.

Lazuli - DC’s Emily Haugh and Sam Chintha. In-the-red cassette manipulation, synthesizer drones, and electronics abuse.

Zofe-iDk - Harsh noise from Washington, DC.