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Workshop: Learn to Live Code Electronic Music in ChucK


Saturday Jan.12 * 3-430pm * $5-15 suggested domation

Learn to Live Code Electronic Music in ChucK

ChucK is a free, powerful, and flexible programming language for creating and modifying sound and music in real time, by creating chains (oscillator/envelope/filter/LFO/delay, etc), manipulating audio samples, and working with time, pitch, and timbre. This clinic introduces the basics of coding in ChucK to produce music using only a laptop and the free ChucK interface. We'll start by coding a simple sound-generating routine, then learn how to launch multiple copies and modify it to produce varying textures.

No prior knowledge of coding or music is necessary. Participants are encouraged to load the free ChucK software ("mini Audicle") on a laptop and bring it to the clinic so they can code along with the instructor.

More about ChucK,:including a link to download the software:

About the instructor: Charlie Kramer (under the name "NorthWoods") performs live coding in ChucK, creating soundscapes of ambient, experimental, industrial, funk and EDM. Video of recent live show: (graphics generated by a video synthesizer).