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Concert: Bad Luck, Jordan Perry, Jax Deluca


Saturday January 12 * 8pm * $10 * Tickets

Bad Luck (Seattle WA) performs in another cosmos from most bands. With more than a decade of collaboration, Neil Welch (saxophone + live electronics) and Christopher Icasiano (drums) “bear down on you like a cyclone of fire” (The Stranger). Based out of Seattle, Bad Luck is a genre-defying supernova of electronics, metal, folk and jazz. 
Saxophone/electronics player Neil Welch and drummer Chris Icasiano spent years making epic long-form compositions (and three albums) in the tradition of free jazz legends like John Coltrane. Their new album, Four, recorded at Avast Studios with Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Marissa Nadler) slams the epic energy of those free improvisations into shorter, rhythmic forms. Welch screams and breathes into his horn, acoustically creates chords, and uses electronics more familiar to guitar players. Icasiano does things that seem impossible with four drumsticks at once.

" avant garde jazz duo known for its near-omnipotence on the scene..." Seattle Magazine

"...can sail to the stars with Albert Ayler-like abandon but also zero in on lyrical moments." Seattle Times

Jordan Perry (Charlottesville VA) - “Although there are some basic völk sonorities in his playing, guitiarist Jordan Perry combines these with more avant garde note selections and compositional gambits, as well as a string attack with classical qualities. While there’s a gentleness to the melodies at which he eventually arrives, Perry’s journey crosses prickly patches of tone clusters, and has a circular logic that defies pop logic. A few passages recall moments on All Is Ablaze, our recent album with experimental player Julia Reidy, while some of the open strumming has a beautifully languid quality verging on mid period William Ackerman. All of which makes this a record very deserving of much personal headspace. Give Jordan Perry some room and you’ll be very glad you did. We promise.  -Byron Coley, 2018”

Jax Deluca (DC) - Voice, signal processing, and other tinkerings. One half of horror drone duo, Flat3arther$, Jax will perform here with Mattson Ogg (Dura).