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Concert: Jonathan Goldberger/JP Schlegelmilch​/Jeff Davis, Janel Leppin, Myelin Nation


Friday Sept.21 * 8pm * $10 suggested donation

JP Schlegelmilch (organ/keyboards), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar) and Jim Black (drums) present a 21st-century take on the organ trio in their debut album coming out on Skirl Records in September 2018. “Visitors” charts a course between blurry shoegaze textures,  frenetic avant-garde jazz, and drone-heavy psychedelic rock. Moments of intense improvisation in the vein of Sonny Sharrock and Tony Williams Lifetime coexist with more tightly-structured instrumental pieces rooted in the epic prog-rock of King Crimson and Yes. The music is bathed in the analog glow of the Yamaha YC-30 organ, a vintage keyboard that’s become JP Schlegelmilch’s obsession, pushing the trio’s sound into outer realms explored by Terry Riley and Sun Ra. Jonathan Goldberger’s sonic wizardry is on full display, striking a balance between tape-delay washed soundscapes and gritty, straight-into-the-amp electric guitar. Visitors is shot through with the intense spontaneity and restless creativity of Jim Black’s drumming, careening from hard-hitting grooves to free-floating abstraction. NOTE: Jim Black will not be able to make this show. Jeff Davis will replace him on drums.

Janel Leppin - With a musical style as unique as it is captivating, cellist, vocalist and composer Janel Leppin is a highly developed, innovative artist. Through intense devotion to craft, Janel fuses flawless technicality with boundless, creativity moving far beyond the conventions of her instruments to make music which exists in uncharted sonic territories.
Janel's diverse musical interests, innovations and virtuosic ability have caught the attention of dozens of celebrated artists with whom she has collaborated. Some of these collaborators include Eyvind Kang, Oren Ambarchi, Marissa Nadler, Kyp Malone, Susan Alcorn, Skuli Sverrison, Gino Robair, and Randall Dunn. She has appeared on albums for Touch, Sub Pop, Cuneiform, Tzadik and Editions Mego Ideologic Organ, Tompkins Square and many others. In addition to recordings, Janel is an active participant in the experimental music community, and when she isn't touring internationally, she plays in a multitude of groups in Washington D.C. and up and down the east coast.

Myelin Nation is a newly formed ensemble featuring notable improvisers Sarah Hughes, Corey Thuro, Maria Shesuik, Aaron Mertes & Daniel Ostrow. Sometimes a trio, sometimes a quartet, sometimes (though not yet) an octet, the group performs freely improvised music that goes wherever it's many ears can reach.

Guitarist onathan Goldberge spent most of his youth on the outskirts of the Everglades in Florida. From there he migrated west to the Rockies (where he studied with musical guru Art Lande and played and toured with the cult spacey/bluesy Fat Mama) before finding his way to Brooklyn in 2001. He has worked extensively in both the music and film worlds, including composing and producing the music for the award winning feature films, Trans and The Hawk is Dying. He performs and tours with artists and bands including Red Baraat, Jacob Garchik's Ye Olde, Jim Black (John Zorn's Bagatelles...including a performance at the Village Vanguard), and Joe Russo (Hooteroll+) among many others. His most recent recordings range from the acoustic trio Surface to Air (Self Titled) and Red Baraat (Sound the People) to the upcoming Chris Lightcap release (Superette, with John Medeski and Nels Cline).

JP Schlegelmilc is a Brooklyn-based keyboardist and composer. His projects include the Americana-jazz group Old Time Musketry, whose debut album Different Times received a 4-star review from Downbeat, and featured Schlegelmilch on piano and accordion. As a solo pianist, Schlegelmilch explored the music of guitar icon Bill Frisell on hroughout, released on Steeplechase Records and praised by Time Out NY as “a warm and elegant solo effort.” Most recently he has been playing organ with Matt Bauder’s Hearing Things, a  and that specializes in “a kind of Middle Eastern flavored surf rock with old-school R&B honking and striptease-worthy themes” (Peter Margasak, The Chicago Reader). He has also been playing solo concerts exploring the colorful sound world of the Yamaha YC-30 organ in the tradition of minimalist Terry Riley.