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Concert: Marcia Custer, Machine Listener, Weeks/Redgrave, Big Fraud


Thursday September 20 * 8pm * $10 suggested

Marcia Custer (Cleveland)
Sound and performance artist Marcia Custer made her recording debut with Stacey’s Spacey, a tape suspended somewhere between overloaded noise collage and twisted Casio pop songcraft, all topped off with the vocal histrionics of exaggerated femme persona Stacey... Stacey’s Spacey shines with Marcia Custer’s unquestionable magnetism as a vocalist, her sublime timing as a comedian, and her wild tonal sensibilities as a noise head (Unifactor Tapes, 2018).

Machine Listener (Cleveland)
Solo project of Cleveland based visual and sonic artist Matthew Gallagher. Best known for engineering unique synthesis formulas for the Elektron Octatrack, explorations in generative audio synthesis, FM synthesis and field recording drive the current incarnation of this project. Gallagher has released records on Tusco/Embassy, SKSK Records, and Imprint Eyes. He curates and produces the R&D Performance Series in Cleveland and Voice of the Valley Noise Rally in West Virginia.

Peter Redgrave + Khristian Weeks (Baltimore)
Peter Redgrave is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. He is interested in limits, interruption, narrative, and what it is to be human. His current work involves physical exploration and presentation of the body as a tool for collective memory - a theater of movement. In collaboration with Khristian Weeks, movement, sound, lighting, and the space itself are used as materials. Their pieces are constructed with highly adaptable and improvisational scores. Character and dialogue become elements to construct and enact purposeless task-oriented spectacles.

Big Fraud
Harsh noise from DC's own Sophie Holton