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Concert: The Ambient Eye / Heterodyne / Joy on Fire featuring Dan Gutstein

flyer by Emily Vaughan Brown

flyer by Emily Vaughan Brown

Saturday Dec.22 * 8pm * $10 * advance tickets

December 22nd should be a holiday, too, as Rhizome hosts three innovative performances: multimedia collaboration The Ambient Eye, the Heterodyne improvisational collective, and jazz-punk quartet Joy on Fire. We invite you to join these artists as they redefine the creative landscape through deft intuition, bold ensemble, and hard swing.

DC-area collaboration, The Ambient Eye, features multimedia artist Monica Stroik and musician Doug Kallmeyer (tenor bass guitar). Here, the visual meets the auditory, improvisation meets composition, and technology enables a dynamic interdisciplinary performance that highlights the interplay between light and sound. Writing in The Wire -- Adventures in Modern Music, critic Chris Sharp notes "a finely calibrated dub sensibility that holds everything in place." For more information, music, video, and still imagery, visit the Ambient Eye Facebook page and Monica Stroik page at Verses Records.

Baltimore / DC area Heterodyne is an experimental music project featuring core performers Maria Shesiuk (Moog, vocalizations) and Ted Zook (basscello). Maria and Ted build a city at every engagement: a grayscale terrain filled with partial signage, the simultaneous focusing and unfocusing of ideas, and an invigorating sense of desolation. Enter the insights and textures of the guest musicians, who may include Sarah Hughes (saxophone), Patrick Whitehead (trumpet), Bob Boilen (synthesizer), Doug Kallmeyer (bass), Leah Gage (drums), Amanda Huron (drums), Jerry Busher (drums), Sam Lohman (drums), and Dan Gutstein (spoken word). All performances are unrehearsed and improvised on the spot. For more information, free music downloads, and video: visit Heterodyne's Tumblr page. Also see a recent review by Chris Richards in the Washington Post.

New Jersey-based Joy on Fire makes its Rhizome debut. The group has released two albums--The Complete Book of Bonsai and Fire with Fire--as a trio featuring Anna Meadors (saxophones), John Paul Carillo (guitars), and Chris Olsen (drums). If you can imagine the bari sax of Pepper Adams, fuzz guitar of Grady Martin, and the lunacy of The Stooges -- you'd be in the ballpark. At present, the group adds poet Dan Gutstein as vocalist and previews new material. Let's call it "Incendiary." For more information: visit the Joy on Fire web site and read a review by Gareth Thompson at All About Jazz.

Great camaraderie exists between these three groups and the night should feature a cohesive edge. We look forward to seeing you for the performances and for all festivities. Thank you.