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Concert: Marceau Portron, Machell André, Plake 64 & The Hexagrams


Marceau Portron (France) is the tallest member of Portron-Portron-Lopez, a fierce rock trio that sets on fire lots of crazy venues across Europe. When solo, Marceau uses all his culture, a neat technique and a cigar box to perform some very laid back music indeed ! Blues, rock, desert blues and any kind of folk approach are the essentials components of the soul fool cruises he proposes. Expect instrumental songs between John Fahey and Ravi Shankar.

Machell André (DC) is a multi-disciplinary gardener working in the fields of discovery and experimentation. He is also the co-founder and cultivator of QODESH (Art + Records), a multi-facet art label releasing art in myriad formats. He is currently studying pathways to continually uplift the black-brown psyche of his peers and fellow neighbors through the revolutionary act of expression via poems, songs, collages, and rhythm studies.

Plake 64 & the Hexagrams (Balt) - creating neither noise nor music at the same time