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Concert: Drunken Foreigner Band, Time is Fire, Floom


Monday October 2nd, 8pm / $10

Mutliflora Productions presents this concert as a part of its first annual DiY multicultural music festival for the whole month of October in multiple venues across Washington, DC.

Drunken Foreigner Band is a Brooklyn-based ensemble that makes a sprawling electrified iteration of the Akha and Lam Lao musics of Thailand and Laos. The majority of the band’s music was learned from cassette tapes of the largely-vocal music traditions, gathered by keyboardist Dave Kadden on his trips to Southeast Asia. Comprising members of Sunwatchers, Invisible Circle and other experimental Brooklyn outfits, they are releasing their debut  LP “White Guy Disease” on Electric Cowbell Records later this year.

Time Is Fire is a music group from Washington DC. The band indirectly originates from the DC punk scene by influence and residence but explodes the signature sound of the nation's capital with a high-energy mix of Afro-disco, Mid Eastern-psychedelia and spaced-out dub. Produced and recorded by Fugazi/Rites of Spring drummer Brendan Canty, Time is Fire's debut and self-titled EP transcends mainstream influences and incorporates strong global and experimental-fusion elements into their often psychedelic and funk-inflected music. A static blast of experimental radio from an imaginary country.

Floom - Classical flutist by day and metal guitarist by night, Maxx Katz decided to stop compartmentalizing and make a project that includes the expressiveness of flute in the unforgiving, meditative geology of doom metal. Former member of Usaisamonster and Miami Nights, Katz has deep roots in experimental, noise and metal music as well as a graduate degree in musicology, extensive training in classical and jazz flute and upright bass. Here, she plays and loops guitar, flute and vocals. The resulting sonic landscapes are epic and surprising. Songs surf in and out of riff and texture, composition and improvisation, isolation and reverberation. They make room. Feel time, space, the terror of eternity. Feel yourself. Wear earplugs.