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Concert: Pamelia Stickney, TL0741, Olga

Pamelia Stickney - An improvised evolution of solo theremin overlapping and looping into harmonic structures and rhythms creating an otherworldly orchestral sounding multiverse that at moments resemble a familiar place.

TL0741 (NoVA) - Pat Gillis (b. 1965, USA) began performing as TL0741 in January 2005, presenting structured improvisations for analogue modular synthesizer and effects combined with pre-recorded material. Drones, unstable automata and inharmonic gestures are harvested from the electrons to create a transient universe of unreliable premonitions and fragile possibilities. /

Olga - When you're walking down that lonely road, daytime sunlight bright in your eyes; able to see neither ahead or behind, you feel so alone - but in this desert of the earth, there's an angel and a devil on your shoulders. These pillars are Olga, a divine musical group from Los Angeles, CA. The duo of Sophie Weil (guitar/voice) and Rachel Blomgren (bass/voice) channel the darkest of dirt through the rosy looking glass. Are they reciting the long-forgotten words of a female monk; are they crooning like a voice from a 3000 B.C. clock radio; are they just performing subconscious voodoo. But hey pass me a glass of that crystalline juice, I want to stay the night.