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Concert: Mako SIca, The Mantis, Lost Civilizations Project

Friday May 19th, 8pm. $10 suggested donation

MAKO SICA -Mixing punk ideals and the experimental traditions of their Chicago hometown, Mako Sica craft spacious excursions that touch on post-rock, prog, and avant jazz without owing too much of a debt to any particular influence. The trio is comprised of guitarist/trumpeter Przemyslaw Drazek (Rope), percussionist Chaetan Newell (Variety Lights), and guitarist/vocalist Brent Fuscaldo. The name Mako Sica is a Sioux Lakota Native American term meaning “land bad,” it fits the band’s sprawling, sometimes menacing, expanses perfectly.

"There are moments you'd swear you're listening to Northern African guitar tropes, but then Make Sica's sound breaks open into waves of psychedelia unimagined in that scene. There are simmers of tone that feel Germanic in the most basic of ways. But these usually end up erupting in ways that absolutely negate form specificity. In fact, the more I listen to this, the more purely tripped-the-fuck-out it sounds. Amazing shit. Ignore at your own peril." --Byron Coley"

THE MANTIS is a multimedia group comprising of Dempsey Hamilton on drums and percussion, David Barker on treble string instruments, Doug Kallmeyer on bass string instruments, and Monica Stroik on visual projections. With an improvisational approach to musical arrangements and real time video manipulations, the group has drawn comparisons to Mogwai, Tycho, Explosions in the Sky and SunnO))).  Hear a live cut from Verses Records ACLU benefit compilation here:

LOST CIVILIZATIONS EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC PROJECT is a collaboration between Mike Sebastian (tenor sax, saxello and baritone sax) and T. A. Zook (basscello).  Although essentially a duo, when schedules permit, it is joined by Jerry Busher (drums); Doug Kallmeyer (bass and electronics), Sam Lohman (drums) Larry Gomez (percussion), Patrick Whitehead (horns), Leah Gage (drums & electronics), Dominic Fragman (drums) and Emily Chimiak (violin).   The project has been performing in the DMV region since 2008.