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Concert - Ravish Momin, Henry Fraser/Sam Weinberg, Bushmeat Airways + Luke Stewart

Maplehouse Collective presents...

Thursday May 18, 8pm sharp
$10 suggested donation

Ravish Momin is a versatile drummer currently residing in New York City.  His unique approach has led him to work as a sideman with a diverse cast of musicians ranging from pop-star Shakira to legendary avant-saxophonist Kalaparusha McIntyre (AACM). Their motto of "ancient to the future" is also at the core of his own approach to music, where he has aspired to blend improvisation and global rhythms with forward-thinking electronics.  His music resides in a fascinating space between Jazz, electronic music and Indian Folk music. He has also developed a hybrid electro-acoustic drumset, and triggers and manipulates melodies 'on the fly' to further blur the lines between composition and improvisation.

Sam Weinberg is a Brooklyn based saxophonist, composer and improviser. With equal footing in free improvisation, free jazz, and notated musics, Weinberg attempts to push the language and capacity of the saxophone beyond its usual, assumed limits. Current outfits include Maestro Day, a group he co-leads with bassist Henry Fraser (along w Joe Moffett) which explores novel forms of composition, structure and group interaction; W-2 with synthesizist Chris Welcome, an abrasive, rhythmically contorted noise duo. Other collaborations and projects are many and varied and include the likes of Ben Bennett, Jaimie Branch, Andrew Smiley, Jason Nazary, and Weasel Walter. He founded Renfusa Records in the summer of 2016 which puts out limited-run cassette and CD-R releases of his music and that of his friends.
Henry Fraser is a bassist, composer, and improviser living in Brooklyn, NY.  He received his B.F.A. from New England Conservatory of Music in the spring of 2014, where he studied with Cecil McBee, John McNeil, Anthony Coleman, & Ted Reichman. Henry's unique combination of versatility and decisiveness has made him a vital contributor to a new, urgent, scene of musicians working in New York. Current projects include Chris Pitsiokos', Cutout Lover, and Brandon Seabrook's large ensemble, Die Trommel Fatale.

Bushmeat Airways (Thomas Stanley and Vincent Allen Rado) - Bushmeat Airways is an iridescent UFO landing at each of the 7 primary spinal chakras, a soothing wildness spreading like a shockwave through the silicon and steel superstructure of the alien mother(fucker)ship that has taken control of our backward little planet. Ask about special benefits available with our frequent flyer program. Special guest: the one and only Luke Stewart ("D.C.'s Best Musical Omnivore"--Washington City Paper).