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Concert: Your Grace Adrianna Natalie, Pas Musique, John 3:16, Chester Hawkins

Sonic Circuits Presents...

Saturday, April 15th 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
~ $10

Your Grace Adrianna Natalie - In my own little distorted world of sounds. Your Grace Adrianna Natalie is a New York born artist who lets the sound guide her journeys. A dark-cloaked electro industrial experimental avant garde techno producer, who recently got signed to Alrealon Musique. She performs in a lot of underground parties in New York, Brooklyn where she loves to push the boundaries of dance music beyond the limits.

In 2012, she fell into production naturally from her interest in electronic music and her four years behind the boards show a budding young talent making an impact on the hard, nasty end of the electronic spectrum.  Her study of hardware contributed to the grit of her sound. Your Grace Adrianna Natalie became a distinguished member of a distinct set of new talents changing the musical landscape in New York and further afield.

Pas Musique is a group which creates musical output through the form of abstract sound. The term ‘Pas Musique’ translates to ‘not music’ in french, metaphorically negating everything that is established in music and starts from a clean perspective. The viewpoint fuels our creativity to create our own world of beauty. The aesthetic underpinnings are defined by the notion that music can be whatever the ear perceives. It’s a conception fueled by the love of life and art. It’s a desire for honest artistic self-expression.

Pas Musique started in 1995 out of Brooklyn, NY, USA, driven by the creative talents of Robert L. Pepper working in the mediums of sound and video. Since then Pas Musique has evolved into a collective with many different instrumentations and lineups. Permanent members include Jon “Vomit” Worthley, Michael Durek, and Robert Pepper. An additional past member was Amber Brien until 2015.  Pas Musique have numerous releases and collaborations. Pas Musique have performed in 17 countries and all throughout the United States. Sound and video installations have also included Chile and the United States. Pas Musique also curates events in New York such as Experi-MENTAL nights, Ambient-Chaos nights and the Experi-MENTAL Festival once a year.

JOHN 3:16 is Philippe Gerber, whose Heat From A DeadStar existed between 2004–09 and worked with Rick Harte / Ace Of Hearts Records in Boston. As JOHN 3:16, Gerber has released numerous works via Alrealon Musique, Flood Records, Little Crackd Rabbit Records, Lost children, 75orLess, White Label Music, Venus Aeon, Classwar Karaoke, Trace Recordings and more. He has collaborated with artists such as Pas Musique, TheUse, Rasplyn, Anthony Donovan, Mahr, Philippe Petit, I-Symptom, Eisenlager, and Mark Harris.

CHESTER HAWKINS [washington dc]: Over 30 years of audio adventures. Recorded and performed improvised psychedelic actions as BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT until 2015. Now without the alias, Hawkins uses mixtures of electronics, strings, and concrète sources to generate vast soundscapes for a deeply interior cinema. 2017 saw the release of Hawkins' soundtrack to Tim Ashby's film "Pale Trees," a sprawling carpet of slowly evolving electronic atmospheres for modular synths and lapsteel guitars. Hawkins' current work is the score and recording of a full 24-hour composition designed to loop seamlessly, providing an endless and fully immersive ecosystem of deep audio. The Rhizome performance will demonstrate a trance-inducing segment of this piece via dense microtonal harmonies, mountains of undulating loops, and analog electronic tone clusters.


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