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Closing Reception: The Stray Mizzling Hour

Reveries of a Solitary Walker: the Stray Mizzling Hour
Installation by Liz Lessner

This installation is a distillation and abstraction of a moment that is both personal experience and iconic film noir still. Let me describe the scene: It’s an early spring eve, late at night and wet from a day of rain. You are walking home and it begins to rain so you take shelter under the awning of a bar. Though the bar is closed its neon sign continues to flicker and so, you stand there, in that melancholy shifting light, waiting for the rain to stop. As you wait, the mist and drizzle, flickering light and smell of wet pavement draw you into a moment of melancholic reverie. This installation evokes this experience via light and scent. It is a dark space with a flickering, woven electroluminescent panel accompanied by a home-made distillation of the petrachor scent.

On view now through April 16th
Closing reception & artist talk: Saturday April 15th, 4-6pm

Liz Lessner is a sculptor and installation artist who uses technology to craft responsive and interactive objects and spaces.  Her installation of flickering elwire will be on display in Rhizome’s upstairs gallery during the month of April.  Lessner has had solo shows at Big Orbit, a Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Arts Gallery Project Space, and The University at Buffalo Visual Studies Gallery. She has exhibited her sculptures and installations nationally and internationally including the Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology in Michoacán, Mexico, A.I.R. gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and an upcoming exhibition at Everard Read’s Circa Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa. She has an MFA in Media Study and Emerging Practices from the University at Buffalo’s Department of Media Study and has taught workshops and classes in a wide range of educational settings including the University at Buffalo’s Department of Media Study(Buffalo, NY), the Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago, IL), Interlochen Center for the Arts (Interlochen, MI), andRenaissance Charter School for the Arts (Queens, NY).