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Tom Carter, Bennett/Weinberg/Welcome, Rex Delafkaran

Maple House Collective presents....

Tom Carter
Rex Delafkaran

WHEN: Wednesday April 12, doors at 730, music starts at 8pm SHARP
COST: $10 suggested donation

Tom Carter's electric guitar work weaves strands of melody, drone, fuzz, and charged silence into intricately detailed instant compositions. Best known for his work with iconoclastic acid-folk improvisers Charalambides (which he co-founded with Christina Carter in 1991), Tom Carter has focused on solo performances and recordings since 2012. His 2015 double LP on Three Lobed Records Long Time Underground is the final installment of a trilogy begun in 2009 with The Dance From Which All Dances Come and continued with 2014's Numinal Entry. Long Time Underground was selected as the number-one experimental album of 2015 by The Out Door/ Pitchfork.

Tom Carter frequently collaborates with other musicians. His regular projects include a duo with No Neck Blues Band co-founder Pat Murano, free-rock improvisers Eleven Twenty-Nine (Carter, Marc Orleans, and Michael Evans), Spiderwebs (with Houston guitarist Sandy Ewen), Sarin Smoke (with Peter Swanson), Badgerlore (with Rob Fisk, Ben Chasny, and others), and various ensembles with Bay Area sound artist and composer Robert Horton. Other fellow travelers have included Gate, Loren Connors, Jandek, Bardo Pond, Tom Surgal, Thurston Moore, Steve Gunn, Dredd Foole, Pip Proud, Tim Barnes, Aaron Rosenblum, Dora Bleu, Sam Shalabi, Marcia Bassett, Christian Kiefer, Paul Flaherty, Tetuzi Akiyama, Shawn David McMillen, Inca Ore, Starving Weirdos, Ensemble Economique, Helena Espvall, Robert Millis, and Matt Valentine, among many others.

On a rainy afternoon in North Philadelphia, synthesizist Chris Welcome and saxophonist Sam Weinberg visited Ben Bennett‘s house on the end of their near 2 week tour and played for hours in his basement. The results astounded, so much so that all three felt motivated to book a tour to further explore together. Spiky, prickly, dynamic, smeared sounds abound.

Ben Bennett is an improvising percussionist who plays drums, membranes, and self-made instruments, which are combined with each other in various mutable arrangements, and played by striking, friction, breath, and other techniques. Although his instrument and music could both be described as unorthodox, they retain the essence of the drumset, and are a distillation of diverse musical traditions. He has toured North America and Europe, playing with different groups, ad-hoc collaborations, and solo.

Chris Welcome is a guitarist, composer and electronic musician based in Brooklyn, NY. He has performed with HOT DATE, Sand, W-2, Mothguts, The Flying Luttenbachers, Mike Pride’s Drummers Corpse, The E.R.A, Apocalypso, and many others.

Sam Weinberg is a Brooklyn based saxophonist, improviser and composer whose playing ranges from the textural and timbral to slippery and melodic. With equal footing in non-idiomatic free improvisation, free jazz, and notated musics, Weinberg attempts to push the language and capacity of the saxophone beyond its usual, assumed limits.

Rex Delafkaran: "Movement and place. A curiosity for movement circulates through all of the work I make. Whether it is in my sculpture, performative or 2D work I attempt to visualize movement in a very bodily way, by acknowledging the tension, anxiety and vulnerability found in movement. Then there is place - as in a place to contain things such as a vessel, a location to be in and explore, or a physical place versus an emotional place. The most exciting moments for me in creating are the moments when these two ideas of movement and place collide and begin a conversation via form. The conversations these collisions have started are those of sex, gender, identity, the use/uselessness of objects or their function, and dance outside a theater context."