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Concert: Gaute Granli, Macho Blush, Lipscomb/Gilgore/McColm Trio

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GAUTE GRANLI (NORWAY) - the Stavanger, Norway-based musician uses Jandekian guitar and experimental electronics to fashion a hazy, skronky, left-field, blue exotica noir that’s toppled with confusion and discomfort. Some have compared his music to that of Jad Fair or Captain Beefheart. His third solo album will be released in September on vinyl and CD through Drid Machine Records and Unhinged Records. He is a member of Skadne Krek and Freddy The Dyke.

MACHO BLUSH - "There’s a tiny shack outside Austin, Texas that can make the ill Unsick. Drawing from the light of her sturdy lantern, anti-folk noise-wave sha(wo)man Gina Probst gets Macho Blush on those incurable people through a variety of sounds that is nothing short of broken brilliance." - tinymixtapes

"You may feel like a snipe hunter during the first few confrontational minutes of 'Moodshow,’ but by the end, your bag is overflowing with more fantastic creatures of the night than your friends could ever imagine, and you don’t have any pressing reason to leave the woods any more." - tabsout podcast

LIPSCOMB/GILGORE/MCCOLM TRIO - Malmö, Sweden-based guitarist Jon Lipscomb (Whoarfrost, Super Hi Fi) joins stalwarts of the Balt/DC free improvisation scene Jarret Gilgore (alto sax) and Ian McColm (percussion) for a performance that's sure to scorch your brain and beguile your ears.