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Concert: Joe Lally/Janel Leppin/Sarah Hughes, Insect Factory, Welch and Oshima


"Mutliflora Productions presents this concert as a part of its first annual DiY international music festival for the whole month of October in multiple venues across Washington, DC."


Joe Lally has played bass in Fugazi since the band’s inception in 1987. In 2003, the members of Fugazi decided to take anindefinite hiatus from recording and performing. Since that time, Joe has continued to write and perform solo material, accompanied by various musicians and friends. Joe will be joined this night by friends JANEL LEPPIN and SARAH HUGHES.


Guitar/electronic meditations dedicated to resistence.
"Jeff Barsky shows his exceptional ear for unconventional guitar sounds, using the instrument in ways it was never intended but never losing sight of the core sounds it can create. Thus, his work has an exceptional sense of depth and refinement, making for a sound that is adventurous, yet still engaging and enjoyable from beginning to end." - Creaig Dunton


"Notes creep up in slow, metallic attack. A mood sets in just as the sax begins its lonesome burrow into your subconscious. Controlled bursts of avant-garde jazz streak melodiously but sorrowfully over ambient metallic pad sounds. At some point the notes pick up speed and intensity but never so much that they become grating. The sax is a good reinterpretation of hardbop vocabulary. This piece could be on a great album in the 1950s just as easily as it could be on bandcamp today (which it is). It’s a beautiful, restrained piece of work. It deals subtly with the harmonies. The ambient noise is always slowly shimmering just below the surface. These two artists play off one another well. Both are masters of understatement. I would play this at a funeral, or during church, or to sing me to sleep. It’s melancholy and introspective but always beautiful." ISSUES MAGAZINE