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Concert: Synthador, Bushmeat Airways, Salarymen, Barbiero-Byrd-Ghaphery

Sonic Circuits Festival Fundraiser with Synthador, Bushmeat Airways, Salarymen, Barbiero-Byrd-Ghaphery

Synthador is an analog warrior in a digital world, a musical practitioner of lucha libre from parts unknown, whose mysterious past is the prologue to a sound as unique as its creator. Like the style of wrestling that inspired his secret identity, Synthador's music is characterized by a mix of high-flying athleticism and chill-out rest-holds.

Bushmeat Airways
Bushmeat Airways is an iridescent UFO landing at each of the 7 primary spinal chakras, a soothing wildness spreading like a shockwave through the silicon and steel superstructure of the alien mother(fucker)ship that has taken control of our backward little planet. Ask about special benefits available with our frequent flyer program.

Salarymen is the electro-acoustic duo of Jeff Surak and Gary Rouzer. On lunch breaks in downtown Washington, D.C., they set up at traffic circles and monuments for spontaneous performances of sound art, mixing small objects with the noises of the city to make a different kind of urban music.

Nuanced acoustic improvisation for winds, strings & percussion.
Daniel Barbiero: double bass
Sam Byrd: drums, percussion & objects
Jimmy Ghaphery: saxophones, flutes & miscellanea

Saturday August 27 - 8pm SHARP - $10 suggested