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Sound Activism between Climate, Culture and Information Space

As has been seen in recent tsunami and hurricane disasters, many lives depend on the interpretation of complex global information. A series of languages for communicating this mass of data is evolving, and part of that development includes sound.

Artist and scholar Andrea Polli, Professor of Art and Ecology at the University of New Mexico, discusses her journey towards activist art related to climate change, including work in the Arctic and Antarctic.  Her talk will ask participants to consider the complex question of how we might reach towards understanding climate change through sonic experience and design.

How, for example, can varying temporal and geological scales of change be communicated through sound?  Climate change is a threat to biodiversity, and how can diversity be represented aurally? How can invisible, undetectable forces be presented sonically?  How can artists, scientists, activists and others from a variety of diverse backgrounds collaborate together to create a healthy way forward? Sound artists have the opportunity to create works that have an emotional impact on an audience, and that can affect environmental understanding and behavior.  This is critically important now as we face the problem of global climate change.


WHEN: Friday, August 26,  8pm
COST:  $5 suggested donation