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Experimental Short Films From Fields Festival 2016

The first of two distinct programs of short experimental film and video works that were featured at Fields Festival 2016, re-screened here for the first time, and in the indoor comfort of Rhizome DC. The films featured are by local, national and international artists, and align with the unconventional and innovative spirit of Fields Festival. Co-curated by Margaret Rorison and Meredith Moore, this first screening will feature Program 1 and include the artists and works listed below:

Karissa Hahn, REGAL, 2015, 2m, sound
Mike Stoltz, With Pluses and Minuses, 2013, 5m, sound
Fern Silva, Concrete Parlay, 2012, 18m, sound
Janie Geiser, Silent Sister, 2015, 6m, sound
Max Eilbacher, A Performance for Video, 2016, 7m, sound
Karen Yasinsky, The Man From Hong Kong, 2015, 7m, sound
Marnie Ellen Hertzler, Deep Dark Episode 2: No Parents, 2016,
Skizz Cyzyk, David Fair Is The King, 2016, 8m, sound
Aidan Spann, Throwing Up My Feelings All Over This TV, 2015, 5m, sound
Ben Balcom, Notes from the Interior, 2015, 11m, sound
Pat Cain & Jake Meginsky, Seven Psychotropic Sinewave Palindromes, 2016, 5m, sound
Mark Brown, Network Glass / NLB, 2016 4m, sound
Kenneth Zoran Curwood, Saddle Maker, 2014, 3m, sound
Duncan Moore, TV Magic with ERIC 500, 2016, 10m, sound
Jodie Mack, Let Your Light Shine, 2013, 3m, sound

A screening of Program 2 is being scheduled for next month (January 2017).

WHEN: Sunday December 11, 8:30pm
COST: $6 suggested donation

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