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Concert: Biliana Voutchkova & Michael Thieke, NVS Trio

Sonic Circuits Presents...Biliana Voutchkova & Michael Thieke, NVS Trio

Monday Dec 12th 2016 @ 8 p.m. - 10 p.m.
~ $10

Biliana Voutchkova & Michael Thieke
Biliana and Michael have worked together intensively within both compositional and improvisational methods since 2011, presenting their work in various festivals/concert series in Europe (Austria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Bulgaria). They released their first album "Already there" on the Swiss label Flexion records. The music of the duo focuses on the detail in music, micro tonality, imagery and intensely dynamic, but often slowly moving soundscapes - chiseled beauty and expressive communication.

The granulation of sound into exquisite detail was once the field of the electronic music composer. But, a new type of instrumental virtuosity has been mastered by artists such as Voutchkova and Thieke. Emerging from experimental and improvisational practices, it’s a virtuosity that puts a lens on the particles of sound within sounds. And through deconstruction of (traditionally conceived) instrumental tone, these granulated particles of sound became the material of a whole new world of music being created on the same old instruments. After all, instruments are just tools. Musical shifts occur from how we listen to sounds, what we perceive in them, as well as how our listening affects our relationship with the world.

Much of music’s movement toward micro-elements manifested through compositional processes, into forms of chiseled and austere beauty. But an increased expressivity has entered experimental music through the immediacy, intimacy and interactivity of improvisation. As a result of their close collaboration, Voutchkova and Thieke have developed a strong interest in exploring the granulated particles that increase the sensitivity of perception for themselves and their audiences. They deliver the findings of these explorations with intensity and feeling.

Biliana Voutchkova
Biliana Voutchkova is a dedicated, thoroughly engaged composer-performer whose work combines regular performances of major solo violin/ensemble works, new works by contemporary composers often written for her and improvisation. Her constant research as a creative improviser spans the widest possible range of sound/music/movement and extends the sonic and technical capacities of her instrument evolving into the development of a highly individual musical language. Biliana lives in Berlin and regularly appears at festivals and concert series worldwide. She works as a soloist and collaborates with the Splitter Orchestra, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, Ensemble Modern, Ensembles United, Zeitkratzer, Mosaik, LUX:NM, and many other individual artists. Recent/current projects include solo concerts at the festivals Mózg, GAS/Göteborg Art Sounds, MuseRuole and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the release of the solo album "Modus of raw" on the Evil Rabbit label, and collaborative performance at FRIMSYD, Kontraklang, Wien Modern, Blurred Edges Festival, Gent Festival, Improvisation Xchange and more.

Michael Thieke
The Berlin-based clarinetist/composer/performer Michael Thieke is equally at home across a broad range of musical environments, such as experimental song forms, collectively composing projects, improvising collectives, and music on the fringes of jazz. He is exploring the minutiae of sound, timbre and noise, with a particular interest in microtonality and related sound phenomena, and with a preference for long-term collaborations and collective work. Concert tours took him all around Europe and to China, Canada, Lebanon, Japan and the USA, and his work has been documented on over 40 releases on such labels as staubgold, ftarri, leo records, erstwhile andanother timbre. Some of his current Projects are: The International Nothing, The Magic I.D., The Pitch, Splitter Orchester, Porta Chiusa, Motif and Der Lange Schatten, as well as duos with Biliana Voutchkova and Olivier Toulemonde.

Voutchkova/Thieke duo tour in the USA is supported by the Trust for Mutual Understanding and the Goethe Institut.

NVS Trio
Electo-acoustic string trio comprised of Daniel Barbiero, Gary Rouzer and Jeff Surak

Monday 12/12 @ 8pm, Rhizome, 6950 Maple St NW DC