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Concert: Kyle Eyre Clyd, Pony Moon, Weed Tree

Maple House Collective presents

Kyle Eyre Clyd
Pony Moon
Weed Tree

In 2008 then-performance artist and DIY curator Kyle Eyre Clyd began her solo noise project using unclaimed electronics left behind at her residence, Brooklyn's Silent Barn. Since then, her semi-outsider status—as a Southerner among the Northeast's local scenes, a non-musician amongst musicians, a woman amongst men—has allowed her to develop a unique voice, tangential to the harsh noise genre. She has played for audiences at the Stone, PPOW Gallery, Sculpture Center, live on WFMU, on the Columbia New Music Hour, on US tours, and at festivals including Ende Tymes and INC NOLA. (notes via Issue Project Room)

Pony Moon - Jenny Moon Tucker & Pony Payroll Bones - sax, tape loops, objects, violin, feedback, whathaveyou)

The Weed Tree that keeps on giving.

$10 suggested donation