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Women Uncorked

Women Uncorked is a gathering for women only, talking about sex - the science, the social, the politics, the personal. It's a safe place to break free of cultural taboos on talking honestly and personally about sexual topics; a place to laugh and enjoy talking about sex in a group with no judgement -- and no one saying "that's TMI!"   Why would you want to come?  Because talking about sex is fun! Because you probably won't know anyone there so you can say stuff that friends might not really want to know too much about. Because it's right in downtown Takoma, at Rhizome DC. We are a diverse group of women with different orientations and relationship styles, different ages and life experiences.

What to expect: 10 to 20 women, some of them have come before and some are first-timers. We sit in a big circle on cushions on the floor. People bring their choice of beverage, sometimes snacks to share. We take a few minutes to introduce ourselves, and each person writes on an index card some topic of interest or a question. Then we bring them out one by one. Some topics we've talked about at past meetings:
Strategies to cope with mis-matched sex drives?
How do you balance fantasizing vs being in the moment?
How do you feel about your partner watching porn?
Can you make your orgasm better?
What makes you feel vulnerable during sex?
Relationship power imbalances
The trials and hilarity and joys of on-line dating

Women Uncorked is facilitated by Jennifer Beman, a 30-year Takoma Park resident, with absolutely no bona fides and not a shred of credentials. She just likes to talk about sex. She's also considering making a documentary about the female orgasm and is looking for angles. She is also working on a representational-data art project about ... what else? Sex, and there will be an opportunity to participate. So put it on your calendar, mull it over, and then come on out!

WHEN: Thursday November 17, 7:30pm
COST: $10 donation requested