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Concert: Discipline 99 / Twin Jude+Rachel Foley+Kamyar Arsani+Bushmeat Sound

Friday September 13 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

In Solidarity with Empyrean People of Color & Psychedelics Conference...

Bushmeat's Blackadelic Buffet

The rightists have set the planet ablaze and We the People have been left with few resources to put their fire out. Noetic (R)evolution describes a phase shift in human awareness, an upgrade to human consciousness that yields new possibilities for human action and interaction. "It" is the thing that all of history points towards. "It" is broadly hinted at by religious eschatology. This (r)evolution is our escape hatch out of his-story and its debilitating chain of life-wasting errors.

Bolstered by the strengths of Botany and Tone Science, We the Fearless are here to turn the wheel of time, away from destruction and towards renewal, joy, and rapelessness. Together, we nurture a new ecology of awareness in a celebration of consciousness unbound.

A Mind is a Wonderful Thing to Taste...join some of our community's most capable sound artists and musical innovators for a night of transformative excess.
Take, and eat ye all of it!

.:: A Cosmogenetic Riot in Two Acts ::.

Act I
Twin Jude
Rachel Foley
Kamyar Arsani
Bushmeat Sound

Ashley Shey

Act II
Discipline99 (Malik Thomas)

Twin Jude is a vocalist, keyboardist and electronic musician who has been gracing the area with her clarion lyricism and visionary songwriting skills. Rachel Foley builds unique instruments that provocatively engage body, eye, and ear. Kamyar Arsani is lead vocalist and daf (frame drum) player for the band Time is Fire. Bushmeat Sound is a dangerous wild animal prone to sudden outbursts of anarchistic insurgency.

The above star spangled quartet will provide an opening set for local producer Discipline99 (Malik Thomas). D99 was the last student of recently departed west coast hip hop luminary Ras G. His dank beats reimagine the ark of Black musical history and provide the perfect soundtrack for total liberation.

Celebrated performance artist Ashley Shey will provide Movement, at her discretion, throughout.
Prepare to be touched.
Thanks to Empyrean POC for all their work.