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Closing Event for DADA QUEER DADA featuring Scummy Breakfast


Friday August 30 * 6pm * $10 * TICKETS


Celebrate queer sexuality, non-binary gender and the iconoclasm of Dada with DADA QUEER DADA! Enjoy art and absurdity with DC Dada Art Collective. Last day to see DADA QUEER DADA art exhibit. Committed to exploding the constricting boundaries of art and society in the spirit of Dada, DC Dada employs absurdity and now-classic Dada and Surreal art forms – like collage, experimental film, ready-mades, abstraction – to address and upend social issues and conventions and also - just to have a good ole weird time! DADA QUEER DADA‘s month-long exhibit closes with atmospheric roaming performance, films, visual/3D/multimedia art, a participatory cathartic Unhinging Ceremony, and just all the absurdity. Including! A performance from SCUMMY BREAKFAST....

SCUMMY BREAKFAST is an experimental improvised theater show performed by Ben Taylor and a special guest. For this show Ben will be joined by Neil Baron, a professional improviser since 2008, who performs regularly in the DC area as part of the teams Goodison and The Broken Bones. Scummy Breakfast promises a site-specific show of movement, humor, honesty, and magic.