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Cabaret/Opening: DADA QUEER DADA!

Saturday August 3 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Cabaret/ Opening - August 3, 2019 /// Exhibit August 3 – 31 2019

Celebrate queer sexuality, non-binary gender and the iconoclasm of Dada with DADA QUEER DADA! – a cabaret and art exhibit presented by DC Dada Art Collective. Committed to exploding the constricting boundaries of art and society in the spirit of Dada, DC Dada employs absurdity and now-classic Dada and Surreal art forms – like collage, experimental film, ready-mades, abstraction – to address and upend social issues and conventions and also - just to have a good ole weird time! DADA QUEER DADA‘s month-long exhibit opens on August 3rd with an evening cabaret featuring staged burlesque, drag, live music and nonsense poetry as well as durational performance art, roving performers, experimental films and live electronic music throughout the evening. We encourage Cabaret-goers to wear art/costumes and interact with the artists when appropriate so that our evening is a collective creation of all involved – artists and audience together. Everyone can DADA!!

Proceeds will go towards supporting local LGBT+ artists