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Concert: Cyrus Pyreh / Matthew Daher / Dura

Friday July 12 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Cyrus Pireh
As a composer, Cyrus' works involve sign manipulation with the purpose of keeping the interpretive field open. As a guitarist, Cyrus seeks the limits of the body and the self as a pathway to transcendence parallel to the quotidian. As an anarchist, Cyrus actively works to dismantle hierarchy and to heal the damages done by industry's division of people into performers and audience; producers and consumers. In music, it is not possible to obstruct one sound with another. All sounds combine to create one harmony. Humans in harmony liberate each other.

Matthew Daher (Detroit):
Vocals/acoustic drums processed and blended with lush textures, triggering other sonic events at varying degrees of randomness. A song-structured web of intended and unintended sonic consequences emerges. The ever-shifting nature of those limits. An analogy in sound for these human predicaments.

Dura is the ambient, low listening project of Mattson Ogg that blends natural guitar sounds, textures and other vibrations.The latest release 'Reverberation Hymns' meditates place as the world moves by. Out now via Garden Portal: