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Concert: Unicorns in the Snow / Anna Azizzy / It Foot, It Ears / To Be Sure

Thursday June 13 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Unicorns in the Snow is Julia Vering of Kansas City. Their new piece,The Understudy, is an evolving experimental multimedia performance piece that follows a narrator on a tour of different spaces through magical rocks, interactive projections of animated plastic canvas, and immersive video of corn fields and abandoned industrial structures of Kansas City. The work feature collaborations with adults with early stage dementia as narrators, dancers, and actors via video projections while Vering plays processed accordion and synth pedals. Vering hopes to engage both the audience and collaborators in meaning-making and to inspire further collaborations with individuals with disabilities.

Anna Azizzy is a performance artist, video artist and experimental musician from Pittsburgh. Her performance work has includes Gay Foley, Your Name in Corn and Ode to Oksana. She graduated from Carnegie Melon with a the self determined major of Experimental Theater and Sculptural Performance.

It Foot, It Ears is a chamber/garage music duo creating intricate micro-studies in rhythm and texture. Their music plays against the expectations of the humdrum instrumentation of electric guitar and drums — while also celebrating its history. They’ve developed performance practices that embrace microtonality, isorhythm and polyrhythm, extended techniques, prepared instruments, and punk rock.

To Be Sure is a project focused on performing and commissioning accessible solo marimba work, innovative chamber music, and general percussive nonsense. To Be Sure is community driven and focused on bringing engaging chamber music to unexpected places.