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Concert: Charnel Ground / Insect Factory


Thursday April 18 * 8pm * $10 * ORDER TICKETS

CHARNEL GROUND is Kid Millions (drums), Chris Brokaw (guitar), Doug McCombs (bass). "...amps on the verge of a meltdown, churning together in grooves that draw cosmic power from gutbucket rock’n’roll.... the kind of elegantly sprawling feedback jam that often crops up near the end of a Yo La Tengo album.... a reminder that improvised noise rock, when played well, is fully capable of touching your heart as well as melting your face.... well worth your time if you’re a fan of any of them, or of noisy, expansive instrumental music in general." - SPIN

INSECT FACTORY - "Rhythm seems to me to be an under-appreciated aspect of drone music. This is understandable, as drone often seems more focused on stillness and clock-erasure than motion or time-keeping. But the best drone music has multiple rhythms - real, imagined, and most importantly, a combination of the two. Jeff Barsky’s work as Insect Factory has often struck me as a perfect example of this. It always has a pulse, some undercurrent pushing it along. Sometimes the rhythm is right there on the surface, as if Barsky sees no reason to hide it, and he’s right. Work could be the most rhythmic Insect Factory release so far. Every track has an undeniable cadence, whether created by discernible aural events like blips of distortion and bites of plucked guitar string, or forged from the subtle, sometimes even subconscious undulations of the music’s forward progress. The rhythm has levels, too: in some ways it’s the spine of the music, but in other ways it’s something to latch onto while the rest of Barsky’s tones, textures, and sonic postulations sweep over you. By the end of Work I may not necessarily know how much time I’ve spent listening, but I know I’ve been taken somewhere." – Marc Masters