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Concert: Le Crabe / A Ten Year Winter / Evan Gunderson


Monday March 11 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Hiphop! From France!

LE CRABE (Sweatlodge/Peace Off/BRK) Le Crabe is a French artist whose music escapes conventional definitions. His Hip-Hop/Noise creations, sprinkled with Breakcore and
Industrial sounds, are highlighted by a firmly Punk performance, guttural vocals and outrageous humor – to be taken with a pinch of salt. Melting all these facets of underground culture, Le Crabe's live-sets are powerful, fun, and will sometime bring you to an epileptic state of mind.

Black Saturn will join Le Crabe for part of his set....

A TEN YEAR WINTER (Independent) A ten year winter is a french Noise/Hip-Hop producer...After having been members of various french noise bands like GuGaYaGe, Astreinte, Divisions Frio, TRKK, he plays a catchy and noisy hip hop that can deal with various musical influence like Gabber, Afro Beat or even screamo hardcore... Known for his abrasive way of cutting sample and playing synths, he delivers radicals and efficient live-sets where screaming vocals, broken 808 and siren synths will make the dance-floor hypnotic and unpredictable.

EVAN GUNDERSON is an untrained musician that is making expressive, looped ambience.
For the past two years he has been improvising with a sampler and a couple of instruments (harmonica, psaltery, and sometimes voice). The music can be therapeutic and trance-inducing. It ranges from chaotic, abstract sound to placid, folk-like lyricism. Themes include nature, meditation, the concept of infinity, and the search for peace.