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Concert: Free Soil / Compactor / Replicant Eyes


2/2/19 * 8:00PM * $10 * Tickets

Free Soil is a proletariat union. Organize, resist, rise. War for profit, against our own citizens or against another country, is treason. Abolish work. Defeat corporate slave labor practices. Fire your boss.

Compactor is an interconnected set of machinery that is manipulated by an anonymous figure known as The Worker under orders from faceless corporation Waste MGT. Industrial, Noise, Techno, and other related sonics are crushed into something else. The project uses mostly obsolete equipment, which is set up, broken down and maintained by System Administrator Derek Rush.

Replicant Eyes
Replicant Eyes is a dark wave/post-industrial/post-punk duo from Washington, D.C., which combines existential themes with a collage of brooding synth sounds and sinister guitars. Featuring Alejandro Castaño (The Red Fetish) on guitar/electronics, and Dan Gonzalez on vocals.