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Post-meditation concert: Peter Webb / Liz Durette


Monday Februrary 18 * 8pm * $10 * Tickets

Every other Monday, we gather for deep listening exercises for an hour at 7pm. This time, our meditative focus will extend longer into the evening with special guests Peter Webb and Liz Durette. Join us at 7 if you can, and stay in contemplative mode for the music to follow.... (Or of course feel free to arrive at 8 as well.....)

Liz Durette is a talented keyboardist and improviser living in Baltimore, Maryland. With "Four Improvisations", she presents us with a new vision of what an album of solo keyboard music can be. Her music is dually rooted in both the Western, Romantic Classical tradition, and in contemporary improvisation and spontaneous composition. What emerges is a gorgeous album that is as intelligent and novel as much as it is also lovely to listen to. Ms. Durette has taken on the Rhodes electric piano as her primary instrument, and with this album she fully exploits the unique and beautiful qualities of this instrument. The music is gestural and free, and mingles and shifts from heart-centered lyrical melodies to deep interior harmonic exploration.

Peter Webb is a musician and geographer from Georgia. Through music straddling composition and improvisation, lyric and instrument, he draws influence from a wide berth of traditions. As a part of the award-winning ensemble Faun and a Pan Flute, Peter contributed to composition and performance on alto saxophone, touring extensively in the US and sharing stages with acclaimed acts such as Lonnie Holley, Kamasi Washington, Snarky Puppy, and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, as well as DIY institutions Guerilla Toss, Horse Lords and Wei Zhongle. As a member of Atlanta’s Hello Ocho and Lily and the Tigers, he contributed piano, bass, drums and vocals on the road and in the studio. Outdoor space is an important element in Peter’s life, and he has lived and worked in the mountains of Georgia, North Carolina and Wyoming. Currently based in Athens, GA, Peter spends his spare time getting to know better the geography and environment of his home state.