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Concert: Mourning Dove / Thin Pigeon / Human Person / A Deadly Orchestra

Tuesday December 3 * 730pm * $10 * TICKETS

Human Person: Eliza, an experimental indie singer-songwriter with folk roots from Fredericksburg, VA. They have loved singing since childhood and picked up the guitar to start making music October 2017. Since then, they have released one EP and have been on two small tours up the East Coast. They write songs with an emphasis on melody, voice, and lyrics particularly inspired by folk and country singers, but their music is not limited to any genre. They are focusing on playing shows in Virginia and are collaborating with other musicians to record songs for the purpose of releasing singles and an album.

thin pigeon: "post punk goth swamp melt mush"

a deadly orchestra: Washington DC slowcore

mourning dove/the unknown sound collective- sound art compositions of organic field recordings, experimental voice, and minimal instrumentation- a noise and freak folk ensemble that tends towards the otherworldly, often paired with other media