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MicroCinema : Romantic Warriors IV– Krautrock (Part 1) 

Thursday October 3 * 7pm * $10 * TICKETS

Romantic Warriors IV– Krautrock (Part 1) 
(USA/2019/129 Min.)
A film by Adele Schmidt & José Zegarra Holder
Languages: English/German
Subtitles: English

The fourth film in the series on progressive rock covers the origins, Zeitgeist, and trajectory of the pioneering German bands of the 70s emerging from the Düsseldorf/Cologne region, and one singular band from Hamburg. This film is the first part in the Krautrock Trilogy.

Featuring: Can, faUSt, Damo Suzuki's Network, Electric Orange, faUSt, Floh de Cologne, Japandorf, Kraftwerk, Krautwerk, La Düsseldorf, NEU!, Wume.

During the first half of the 1970s, a number of West German musicians escaped the traditional rock influences of British and American bands and created a new way of making rock music. This movement, which involved psychedelic, electronic, jazz, folk & rock styles, came to be known as Krautrock. The Krautrock bands that pioneered this movement created something never heard before: They took the intense, untamed essence of the old gods of rock and roll, and infused it with a truly progressive and revolutionary spirit, spearheading the evolution of electronic music, techno, hip hop, ambient music, minimalism and avant-garde.