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Concert: Forget the Times / K. Mulhern / Sunatirene / Sam Chintha

Friday October 18 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Forget the Times

Free Improv with guitar, saxophone, no input mixer, circuit bent keyboard, and drums. Already Dead Tapes.

K. Mulhern

Poet, filmmaker, and sound artist based in NYC whose work looks at ancient humanity and the task of chasing ghost traces of history in a dying world. Her recent work is built of field recordings, synthetic sounds, and lyric. New composition “Silt” out now on Entr’acte.


Solo music project of NYC based sound artist and musician Sydney Spann. She uses archival samples, field recordings, chance operations and lyric poetry to fashion melodies within soundscapes. Spann's live performances often incorporate a rotating theatrical iconography to match sonic motifs.

Sam Chintha

One half of noise duo Lazuli sound art solo appearance.